Q : Why the Traditional Sucker will easy to fall ??

A : Because the Traditional Sucker just only have a single hard material and it just can be sucked on the surface at the beginning. The surface of the plane will be slowly penetrate the air, it can not maintain the vacuum suction pressure, so it will easy to fall!


Q : The difference between of C PAD Vacuum Suction Cup and Traditional sucker ?

A : C PAD Super Vacuum Suction Cup’s circle base is similar to the silicone engineering soft material, when you install it, the surface will fill the gap and blocking the air.   It will slowly penetrate the gap, and deeper & deeper.
Therefore, after removing the suction cup, the surface will be the same with the wall of the gap pattern.   Put the suction cup base in 90 degrees hot water, it will restore flat and incognito sticky.

Q : What kind of Suction Cup?
A. Super-Pro Vacuum Suction load capacity in 10kg maximum. 
B. Adsorption fills 1mm less bumpy surface. 
C. High Tech dual-composites vacuum suction cup. 
D. No need of tools , Screws & glue. 
     Non drilling, holes, damage, marks and residue to the wall !
E. Utility Patent of American, Taiwan & China (Patent Pending for Germany & Japan).

Q : What kind of wall material could be used?
A : Vacuum Suction works best on Ceramic Tile, Glass, Mirror, Granite, Stainless Steel, Acrylic and any non-porous surface with glossy finished.